2023 Resolutions

We have three (3) resolutions being presented to our membership this year at Convention. These resolutions are listed below, as well you can download the full document with background here: Click here or on the picture to the right.

Thank you to the branches who proposed these motions. And thank you, also, to those branches who seconded the motion. There is a lot of thought, research and discussion that goes into forming a resolution and kudos to those members and branches who took the necessary time and effort to present these for Convention.

Please take some time in your upcoming branch meetings to go over the resolutions and discuss them with your branch members.  Your branch delegate will then be able to bring your branch’s views forward to Convention where there will be further opportunity for discussion.

As you go through the resolutions and think about them, some other thoughts may come to you regarding resolutions for next year’s Convention.  Please take the time to note down those thoughts to work on for next year. 


BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Women’s Institutes urge the Government of Canada to remove the “gold-digger clause,” Section 31(1), from the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act to allow the spouse of a Canadian Armed Forces retiree marrying after 60 to be eligible for Survivor’s benefits without reducing the amount of superannuation payment to the retiree.

Moved by: Darwell WI                                                                                  Seconded by: Duffield WI


BE IT RESOLVED  that the Alberta Women’s Institutes petition the Alberta Government, and in particular, the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, and Alberta Premier, to maintain support of the 62 Victim Support Units currently in the province, and any future local units.

Moved by: Ridgewood Women’s Institute                          Seconded by:  District 3 Event


BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Women’s institutes urge the Alberta government to reinstate cursive writing into the Department of Education curriculum for grades 3-5.

Moved:  Duffield WI                                                      Seconded: Darwell WI

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