New Dates for Handicraft

Alberta Women’s Institutes

Handicraft Information Form

Convention 2020


Please use 2020 Handicraft List

(Revised October 2019)



  1. Mail or email the completed copy of the entry form #1to:

Marilyn Wattenbarger

25 Reeves Crescent

Red Deer, AB

T4P 2Z4

Phone: 403-340-3106



  1. This information must be received by the Handicraft

Coordinator by August 21, 2020


  1.  Send the copy of the completed entry form #2in the

box with the entries.


  1. Send the copy of the completed entry form #3with the

person picking up your entries.


  1. Send your entries to Norsemen Inn, Camrose, to arrive

between September 14th, and September 19th, 2020.

If you are delivering your entries to the Norsemen Inn

in person they must be received by Sunday, September 20th,

    2020 by 4:00 PM.

Norsemen Inn mailing address is:


ATTENTION: Catering Norsemen Inn                       

6506 – 48 Avenue

Camrose, AB

T4V 3K3

Toll free: 1-877-477-9171

Changes Due to COVID 19

The Annual Conference in Camrose has been postponed to September 22-24 2020 but is still at the Norseman Inn in Camrose.  The Directors and Officers will hold their currant positions until the conference.

The BC Conference has been cancelled as has the Area Canada Conference that was scheduled for the middle of June.

Hopefully Branch meetings can soon resume.

Argyle meeting amid quarentine

Argyle Branch held a land line conference call to hold their meeting.  They are seconding a resolution from Half Way Grove and a resolution from Wildrose Go-getters.  The Flagstaff Food Bank will get a donation to help them out during these tough times.  April 29, ACWW Day some members will meet to do the Women Walk the World Walk keeping in mind that we social distance while we do so. They are meeting in front of the restaurant in Alliance to begin at 10 am.

This was a Telus conference call since several members do not use cell phones or computers.  It went well with 6 members in attendance.


Reports from Branches

Some branch secretaries get that meeting report emailed off to me right after the meeting. Some send the reports by regular mail which is also good since I save the postage stamps and lo and behold some branches do not send anything.
It is very interesting what all the branches are doing.

DUFFIELD is researching for a resolution that drop off “creche” be made available.

DARWELL members had a roll call to memorize the Institute Grace and they made donations to the Thrift Shop and Tender Hearts. There program was about Helen Keller’s “Three Days to See” They had a Christmas gathering with Stony Plain and Duffield. They received a letter from the pen pal in Cherhill, WI in UK.

ELLA JANE has a new member. They read the 2016 resolution on MSG and found it to be an eye opener. They have a read each month. Feb. was “Women Warriors” and “Where are the Women in Science” from the Nov. 2019 National Geographics.

HOGADONE members volunteered 115 hours and had all members in attendance. They are changing their meeting place since the restaurant is closing. They also looked at the dates of upcoming WI events.

ROUNDHILL racked up a whopping 324 volunteer hours with the Ladies night out and quilting. They had their International Supper where each member prepares food from a different country.

ARGYLE sent in some back reports. They have a new member.They put in a lot of volunteer hours working in the WI Centennial garden, ACWW Walk the World, and meetings. They have a mystery trip each year.

ECHO HILL is hosting the Constituency Conference for Stony Plain/Lac Ste, Anne on April 4. They have 7 members.

STONY PLAIN has 34 members and they met in the evening on Feb. 12. They were planning a Founders Day Tea for Feb 23. Chelseay Rudolph the Town of Stony Plain Sustaniability Coordinator spoke on recycling.

VERDANT VALLEY AND DORCAS exchanged valentines. Percy Poland was their speaker. It looks like the subjects were handicraft, resolutions and creative writing. They have volunteered to supply coffee for the Provincial Convention.

WESTOE reports that ten members went to Stage West for brunch and a play. Some members turned in their old “years of service” WI pins. They meet in the Priddis library where they planned the lunch for the April 30 conference. Next meeting is April 7 at the library.

Star Supporters

Did you know that there are Star Supporters of Alberta Women’s Institutes? These are people who have a strong belief in what we do and what we can accomplish if given the tools. Past President Faye Mayberry initiated the program. To be a Star Supporter you make a three year commitment to donate $100 per year.

AWI 111 Half-Way Grove Donates $111

Half-Way Grove made a donation to the Office for $111 to recognize the 111th year of AW|I. They sent a game called Snowman Drive.
There were 3 branch secretary reports that have come in for Nov and Dec. The total of volunteer hours was 198.

January reports from Berwyn They donated $100 for a grocery card for a family in need. They met with Grimshaw for a members 65 anniversary of WI. They are donating $50 to the library. They discussed the effect of forest fires on water quality, marijuana edibles as a concern for children, Bill 207, and the Trump impeachment. In February the branch will go to P.R.(Peace River) for a tour of the Scholars Special Treatment Center.

Ella Jane had a speaker who spoke about breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and a roll call about what your like best about winter.

Hogadone had a new member. Welcome.

Round Hill sent in a lot of their history.

Stony Plain are still having the Fibre Arts group meeting on Monday evenings and they are planning a Founders Day Tea for Feb. 23.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas also have a new member. They sold nuts for a fundraiser. They made baked goodies for the seniors . At the Dec. potluck they had a slide show of a camping trip across Canada from Alberta to PEI.

Westoe is planning a brunch at Stage West possibly in February. They do catering.