AWI Handicraft List

Our 2023 Handicraft List is now available!

There have been some changes accepted by council to the Handicraft list.  There have been updates. Cro-hooking projects are now included!

Please look for these changes in the new Handicraft List.  (Click on “Handicraft List” to download, or the picture at the bottom of the page)

Also the Entry Forms are now available here. (Click on “Entry Forms” to download, or on the picture at the bottom of the page)

If you need more handicraft tags those can be ordered from the Provincial Office.

Be sure to review the Rules for Entry carefully before submitting your handicraft.

Rules and Guidelines for Entry

  1. NO MORE THAN ONE ENTRY PER CLASS will be allowed from an Alberta Women’s Institutes Branch, Associate Member or Provincial Life member who does not belong to a branch.
  2. All entries must be the work of the Member entering them.
  3. All entries must follow the criteria set forth in this list.
  4. All articles must have been completed in the year preceding the competition.
  5. Articles must never have been entered in any section of the Alberta Women’s Institutes Provincial Handicraft Competition in any previous year.
  6. All entries must be clean, and complete, as to its intended use, as any incomplete or soiled articles will not be judged.
  7. Watch for deadlines and dates of where to mail entry information and your parcels in the Home & Country publications and the Mail Outs from the Provincial Office.  It is very important that these deadlines are met and the information in them followed.
  8. When entry forms are sent in, it is very important, in order to calculate the Branch placing, to enclose the following information:
    • Name of Branch
    • Total number of Branch Members
    • Contact Persons Name
    • Contact Persons Telephone Number
    • Name and Contact Information for the person picking up articles
  9. When filling out entry forms please list classes in numerical order.
  10. Please list contact person’s name and telephone number.
  11. Please make three (3) copies of the entry form.
    • One is sent to the Handicraft Coordinator by the set DEADLINE.
    • One is sent in the boxes with the articles to the competition.
    • One is sent with the person who will be picking up the entries.
  12. The official Blue Handicraft Tags must be used to tag your entries.  These tags are available from the Alberta Women’s Institutes Provincial Office.
  13. No late entry forms will be accepted.
  14. Adjustments to your entry form can be made until the stated deadline.
  15. All articles must be entered and tagged with the correct section letter and class number.
  17. Do not use straight pins to attach tags to articles as this may damage other articles.
  18. Please ship or deliver your entries to the address given in the Home & Country publication and the entry form information package.
  20. The Danish System of Judging will be used unless otherwise stated in this list.

      The points available for each class are listed beside each class.

21.       All items must be laid flat on a table to be judged.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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