Erland Lee Award

20190607_214802Richie Richardson won the 2019 Erland Lee Award.  This award is made to a man who has gone above and beyond to assist a WI Branch.  Richie receives his award from Federated Women’s Insitutes of Canada President, Joan Holthe assisted by Alberta Representative, Linda Mason.  Linda is on the left.

Mary Stewart Collect

Keep us O Lord from pettiness, let us be large in thought, in word and deed,
Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self-seeking.
May we put away all pretense and meet each other face to face,
without self-pity and without prejudice.
May we never be hasty in judgment and always generous.
Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straight forward and unafraid.
Let us take time for all things; make us grow calm, serene, gentle.
Grant that we may realize that it is the little things that create differences;
that in the big things of life we are one.
And may we strive to touch and know the great human heart common to us all,
and O Lord God,
Let us not forget to be kind.


Memorials for Members

Cottonwood Branch lost two members in April.  Blanche Cunningham and Connie Ness.  The branch catered both of the memorials.

Argyle lost former member Val Vincett.  Val had been in extended Care for several years before passing.

More New Members.

Stony Plain has 2 new members.  They had Robin Lillywhite speak on Internet and Social Media.  The June meeting will be at Pioneer Museum

Argyle Branch at Alliance has a new member.  They will go on a tour to Echo Glen Gardens on June 10.  They are working on their Centennial Garden in the village.

Nice to hear from Creighton WI at Mannville.  They sent me 6 months reports.  They have 12 members.  Some meetings are in Vermillion some in Mannville or Lamont.  The Constituency Meeting is May 24 in Vermillion.  At the last meeting they had a report on the conservation of genetic seeds-a project in Norway.

Darwell had a program on Black History in Canada, specifically Alberta.  They had 102 volunteer hours and 5 members.

Echo Hill Branch at Westlock has 7 members who meet in members homes the first Wednesday of the month in the afternoon.  They are talking about taking part in a Farmers Market to raise money. They will go to the District 2 Conference at Stony Plain.

Westoe WI at Priddis had 12 members at their meeting on April 5.  Westoe Branch will take desserts and fruit to the Bow Valley Constituency Conference at Kirkcaldy.  This will be a joint conference with Chinook Constituency.

Half-Way Grove at Ponoka had 7 members at the March 30 meeting at the home of Ada Ashton.  Members attended a memorial service for member Anne Tecuwen’s husband.   Their branch was founded in 1939

Verdant Valley and Dorcas near Drumheller has 12 members.  They were making plans at the meeting to host the District Conference.  The May meeting had an exchange of plants and speaker Barb Murray who spoke about Campus Alberta Center-in Drumheller for grads to further their education and stay at home.

I attended the conference and it was very good.

Ella Jane at Cessford has 15 members who met at the Cessford Hall on April 19 at noon.  District Director Linda Toews , Danny Toews and Dave Garlock were guests.  They are going to cater the Berry Creek Community School Grad and the Library’s Berry Creek Bash.

Cottonwood has a membership of 17 with 8 at the last meeting on April 4.  They meet in the Cottonwood Hall.  They have a hostess raffle at the meetings.  They are talking about researching past members of Cottonwood WI.Ivy Cunningham and Susie Tingle, charter members will be next.  Cottonwood Branch is sponsoring the coffee breaks at the Provincial convention once again.  Thank you for your generosity. They also make friendship quilts. Three members are going to the Provincial Convention in Camrose.

Berwyn way up north has 5 members.  They had a cookie exchange.  Erica Bogner a Glenmary School student told about her trip to Costa Rica.   The Legislative Convenor talked about Bill C 48 regarding oil tankers along the BC coast.  A new Brain Testing Center has been set up in Peace River.  Owner will be the guest speaker at the next meeting.

Round Hill has 17 members.  4 members went with District 3 Director Dianne Campbell to the meeting at Ponoka. They did a plant exchange at the May 7 meeting.  They are buying 2 roses from FWIC for the memorial garden.  Members have volunteered to help with the handicraft display at the convention.

Hogadone at Trochu has 6 members They met in a restaurant in the afternoon of April 13.They are planning their 70th Anniversary for June 1.  They will also host coffee at the Trochu Drop-in

Duffield had an interesting program “Bringing Story Time Home” about how men who are deployed overseas can use the internet to read a bedtime story to a child at home. They have handicraft items ready to go to convention.

Ridgewood Branch is meeting in homes.  They have a project to replace aging quilts at Ridgewood Hospice.  They are also entering handicraft items for competitions.

What is new?New members!!!!

Roundhill Branch has a new members .  Welcome Denise our Home and Country editor. and a cousin Cara Worknitz. They had a gardener speak about heritage flowers.  They will support a benefit for a local family.  They also oversee a cemetery.

Half-Way Grove at Ponoka sent in 4 reports.  They have 7 members.  They have just made out their program book.  They meet in members homes.

Duffield Branch held their meeting at Smitty’s restaurant at Spruce Grove.  They have 5 members.  Pat Scott gave an interesting paper on Alberta Food Waste called Closing the Loop where farmers collect left over food to feed chickens and livestock.  (I know my donkeys love stale bread and apples)


New Reports from Branches for March

Duffield had a roll call about interesting crafts such as soap stone carving, African baskets, Bunka from Japan, and Ukranian embrodiery.  Three of their members will attend the Constituency conference and the Provincial Convention.  They have 5 members.They lunch with the Darwell branch once a month.

Valhalla Busy Bees has a weekly drop-in handicrafts and visiting that is getting more people coming. Members will be attending the District meeting in Rycroft on April 13.

Round Hill had Bill Harder and Pamella Cummer from the Hospice Society in Camrose come as speakers at their meeting.  There will be a speaker from the Open Door at the next meeting.

Heather Brae has only 3 members but they are hosting the District/Constituency Conference March 23 in the Round Hill hall.

Hogadon Branch at Trochu will celebrate their 70th Anniversary this year.  Some members helped at the Quilt Retreat on March 3.

Cottonwood had 10 members at their meeting.  They are talking about researching past members of the branch.

Blanche Cunningham, a life member of Cottonwood branch passed away.  She will be missed.

Darwell Branch at Wabamun had all 5 members at the meeting.  They gave donations to the Thrift Shop and Tender Hearts.  The program was an article comparing raising a disabled child to being sent on the wrong vacation.  They bought a brick for the Homestead fundraiser.

Ella Jane at Cessford discussed surface rights in reguard to unpaid rentals.  They adjourned to the library and did an Eseape Room: 80 days around the world.  I think we need an explanation on this one!!!

Echo Hill at Westlock had a quiz on Environmental Conservation.  There were 7 of the 8 members in attendance.  They will be going to their Constituency Conference April 27 at Stony Plain.

Berwyn Branch meets in members homes in the evening.  They have a new member.

The program was International Affairs and the discussion was on female circumcision especially in Canada as is carried out by some immigrants.  They delivered baby food to Pregnancy Pathways and had coffee with the Director. They also talked about handicraft, climate change, Bill 69, National Energy Board changes. The next meeting will be held at the new members home in Peace River.







11 Branches have reported on Jan and Feb Meetings.

Future plans for Valhalla Busy Bees include a District meeting April 13 where they will wear hats for fun.  They have a craft drop-in on Fridays with the library.  In March there will be a genealogy class.

Echo Hill Branch at Westlock collects money for birthdays.  10% of birthday money will go to the ACWW Pennies for Friendship fund.

Duffield Branch meets in restaurants for lunch and have their meeting.  They plan a visit to Pegg Gardens in June when the flowers will be in bloom.

Round Hill is a busy branch with 15 members.  They had a Ladies Night Out with games and lots of fun.  They have an International Supper in February where each member brings a dish from another country.  They will host the District meeting and the Ohaton Constituency Conference together March 23.  Handicraft is involved with the constituency.

Argyle Branch at Alliance had District 3 Director Yvonne Erickson attend their Valentine Tea to celebrate WI Month.  They did a craft project to crochet a fridge magnet butterfly.

Cottonwood Branch continued the study of famous Canadian Women.  This month was Chantal Peticlerc a Paralympian.  They are helping with the Uganda Project which is sewing personal item for the women and girls in Uganda.