District 3 Conference

Details for the District / Constituency Conference to be hosted by Heather Brae WI and held in the RoundHill . It will be on Saturday March 23, 2019.
Registration 9:00 to 9:30 am. If you are bringing handicraft please try to be here at 9:00 so we can get it ready for judging.Also bring a written list of your items for the judge.  District is in the am and Constituency in the pm. 
We are asking each group to bring 2 silent auction items and bring all the friends you can find! We need to know the numbers by Monday March 18, 2019.   

February is WI Month

Our founder, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless was born and died in February.  A good time to have a birthday party to celebrate her achievements.


Branches reported 11540 volunteer hours for 2018.  Some branches didn’t send in the hours.

There were donations of $8872 from branches that reported.

What Branches have done to Nov. 2018

Argyle had three guests for the November 14 meeting which had an international theme. Members brought a food item or a show and tell from another country.

Berwyn Branch up in the Peace River area had a talk on fermenting cheese. They are doing a membership blitz.

Cottonwood’s roll call of a famous woman had Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railway this month. Their speaker was Judy Foster on Citizenship and Legislation.They have the Ag Society Christmas Craft Market at the end of November and they are catering a church Christmas supper.

Creighton donated $140 for school awards. They have a Shoe Box Project and are Fundraising with Purdy’s Chocolates. They had a discussion on unmanned vehicles looking to a resolution. The roll call included Remembrance Day. They have 13 members.

Darwell Women’s Institute had a guest at their meeting on November 7th. Roll call was a joke or poem and items for Tender Hearts. They are making a nomination for the Golden Book Award. They will have their Christmas Gathering oat noon on December 5th at the Mojo’s Diner They are also doing Shoe Boxes. Two members will attend the Remembrance Day service and hang a wreath. Next meeting is Jan. 9th

Duffield Christmas Gathering will be November 28th at the Railway Cafe in Duffield at noon.They plan to visit Pegg Gardens in the summer and the Leduc Interperative Center Pat Scott spoke about a brain tumor survivor who took Proton therapy in 2012. Betty Milne told about Pinacle Renewable Energy Pellet plant opening near Edmonton that will create 70 jobs.

Hogadone members spent volunteer hours in the information booth and driving seniors. They did a fundraiser with Vesey Bulbs. They plan on attending the District meeting in Drumheller on Dec 1. They did the survey on rural women that ACWW is doing for the UN.

Langdon lost a member on October 4 when Eugenia Bradner passed away. They will help a needy family for Christmas. They volunteer at the Food Bank. The program was “A Look into an Entirely Different World” read by Joan Bates. There will be no meeting in Dec but they will meet for lunch.

Lougheed held their annual meeting on Sunday Nov 18. They had a cake decorator instructor come with cakes for everyone and all of the necessary ingredients and supplies to make a cake masterpiece. The children participated in their own craft while the meeting was in session. They made scarecrows in October and entered in the town of Killam contest and won.

Round Hill had a table at the Halloween market and prepared the programs for 2019. They have 16 members. They will have a Christmas dinner Nov 25 and have a member who will celebrate her 80th birthday. Once again they will have a Ladies Night Out in February. Let us know the date, please. It is a fun event!

Stony Plain Branch took the registration for the “City Slicker” program which brings 1000 inner city students out on the school buses to see the farms. They had a successful Crafters Cottage sale. They will attend the Duffield Christmas dinner and are planning their own Christmas dinner. Ladies like to eat.

Valhalla Busy Bees have 9 members. They have a 100 year celebration coming up. They held their 3rd annual Trivia night which was enjoyed by all. One member is going to teach crochet and they are continuing to work on guilts for members. They attended a cross border picnic in September.

Branch Reports to Oct 28 18

Half-way Grove went to Ellis Bird Farm.  They presented member Anne Teuwsen with the Creative Writing Award she won at Provincial Convention.

They will be hosting the Stettler Constituency Conference on October 30.

Cottonwood Branch had 3 speakers who talked about helping the girls in Uganda with menstrual cleanliness.  The famous Canadian Woman that they found out about this month was Debbie Muir, Olympic swimmer.

Duffield had tea at Stony Tea House and toured the museum.  They had a speaker telling about the effects of digital devices and phones being hard on the eyes. The October meeting had Betty Milne give a history of Nordegg which they shared with me.  Very interesting.

Stony Plain Branch heard about newest plans for senior lodges and independent living.  They have all tables booked for Crafters Cottage in November.

Heather Brae had District 3 Director, Yvonne Erickson as a guest.  Yvonne brought them up to date on Council news.

Little Red Deer Dorcas voted to leave us.  I do hope that we can coax them back.

Round Hill exchanged preserves for a roll call.  International Affairs was their topic and they discussed the new USMCA and it’s effect on Canadians.  They are planning the Christmas get together, the 2019 activity book and Ladies Night in February.\

Ella Jane catered an anniversary supper and are planning a CARA luncheon.  The roll call was “what is your favourite part of Halloween?”

Echo Hill learned about the Primary Care Network and Senior Resources.  They have been busy with layettes and shoe boxes, and historical signs.

Argyle had 3 guests.  The program was a report on my trip to Kenya and Ghana.

Landon member, Eugenia Brander passed away Oct 4, 2018. It is always sad to loose a friend and member.


Branch reports are coming in.

Round Hill presented awards at the Bench Show.

Hogadone members worked at the Trochu Flower and Bench Show.

Berwyn really wants to get some new members.  They are going to do an information blitz.  They had a recipe exchange at the meeting with appetizers being the recipes of choice.

Verdant Valley had a roll call with everyone bringing a sample of finger food.  They have a ‘birthday bag”  for children who come through the local Salvation Army.  The bag contains a cake mix and decorations and a gift card to Wal-Mart for Mom to get a gift.

Cottonwood is finding out about a famous Canadian woman each month.  This month was Jean Drever Pinkham.  They also visited the Equine Center east of Olds.

Darwell studied an article on water footprints from the Canadian Geographic.  They also had a summer outing to the Reynolds Museum and they have a monthly lunch date.

Echo Hill had Elaine Solan talk about lily problems.

Ella Jane had a roll call “what is your opinion of facebook?” They have been busy catering.  99 volunteer hours.

Stony Plain sent in several reports at once.  At one meeting they had a lawyer, Ann Montgomery speak about Wills and Estates.

Little Red Deer Dorcas branch participated in the roadside clean up.

Argyle maintained their centennial  garden and sponsored the children’s games for the July 1 celebrations.

Long time member passes

Hazel Swainson, Life Member of Alberta Women’s Institutes and long time member of Lougheed Branch passed away just a few weeks after her 90th birthday.  Hazel maybe remembered for her work on the “Get Cracken-Get Snappin'” project a few years ago.

She was an enthusiastic and valuable member.  Donations in her memory can be made to the office fund.AWI council convention 2016 047