Branch Life Membership presented

Barbara Steadman a member of Argyle Branch since 1982 received the honour of Branch Life Member.  Barbara served as secretary for many years and kept the branch on track with dates and deadlines.  She was awarded the Golden Book Award the first year the award came out.

Barbara Steadman receives her certificate of Branch Life Membership from President-elect, Diane Dammann.BARB LIFEM

9 Branch Secretary Reports, Makes me happy!

Berwyn members were disappointed that their District picnic got rained out. All of the emails from the AWI office are sent out to all members. There will be 3 of them going to the ACWW Area Conference in Sydney, BC in June. They are booking the hotel now. They purchased name tages to go on the cemetery grave location sign. Berwyn Branch has a facebook page. Let’s check it out. They looked into the political parties positions on various moral issues. Continue reading “9 Branch Secretary Reports, Makes me happy!”

District 5 Branches report

Ella Jane Branch at Cessford, AB (That is along highway 36 north of highway 1) put in 113.5 volunteer hours in May which included the District conference. The meeting seemed to be centered on gardening information. A good book was suggested- Transplanting Hope June meeting in the Cessford Hall had 9 of the 15 members in attendance. Each Spring they host Home and Plant Sale for local women women who sell bedding plants and home products. They have a tea with this. .

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