Fall Meeting Reports

ARGYLE had 6 members attend the AGM virtually. They had a practice run the week before. There were 39 volunteer hours.

BERWYN had 33 volunteer hours. They sent some money for Pennies for Friendship. They enjoyed the virtual convention.

`DARWELL makes a donation to the thrift store every month. They passed along a hint that a red cloth around the base of a plant will make it grow faster. They compared the COVID-19 pandemic to the Polio epidemic of the early 1900’s

ECHO HILL had 120 volunteer hours in September. They will go to the Westlock library to attend the AGM. The roll call was a good insect.

ELLA JANE put in 96 hours in August and 20 in Sept. They are honouring founding member Alene Kading. They made a $1000 donation to Adelaide Hoodless Homestead. They also donate to Eagle Wings, Mustard Seed and Women’s Shelters. They had a major discussion about COVID-19 rules and peoples attitudes towards the pandemic.

Seeing is believing…Items for Virtual Sales Table

The items for our virtual Sales Table are now available for viewing on our website go to the Virtual Sales Table page to check out our inventory! Prices are listed on the Sales Order form. We have a pdf and Excel version available for you to download. Contact the Provincial Office if you have questions. Happy Shopping!

One of the items available are our New Photo Cards!

Virtual Sales Table for AGM!

Greetings all,

This is a year of changes, as Alberta Women’s Institutes is holding our Annual General Meeting virtually we didn’t want you to miss the opportunity to purchase from our selection of Sales Items that are available during the Provincial Convention. To this end, we’ve created a ‘virtual’ Sales Table. Simply download the print version of our Order Form and send it in to the Provincial Office. Printable Order Form

Only 4 Branches Reporting Out of 27

There are a variety of ways to send a secretary report.

1. use the secretary report book and mail or scan and email it to me.

2. set up a form on your computer to make a report containing the date of meeting, attendance, roll call, volunteer hours amount of donations and a new members’ contact information and email it to me.

3. Just send a letter/note with the above information.

Now what has been going on at Stony Plain. They had 18 members at their meeting in March. They have 2 new members. They had a Founders Day Tea in February and raised $260 for the Adelaide Hoodless Homestead. They donated $500 to AWI and $1500 to 5 local organizations. They had a Rotary Exchange student from Austria tell of her life and education in Austria. They have a Fibre Arts group meeting on Monday evenings.

Darwell WI had a meeting in March and has suspended meetings until later. They volunteered 102 hours that is for 4 members. They made a donation to Tender Hearts and the Thrift Store for $25. They have a draw prize each meeting and between meetings they do “Ladies Who Lunch” which involves the neighbouring branch of Duffield. I think they have too much fun!!!

Verdant Valley and Dorcas down by Drumheller, had an August meeting in the evening. They had planned an outdoor wiener roast for July but got rained out. They have 10 members who put in 23 volunteer hours. They donated $150 to AWI and another $350 to other projects. They make their money selling a Daytimer Calendar and nuts.

Hogadone Branch is located by Trochu. In March they met at the Blue Quill Restaurant in Trochu. Sharon Doran showed some of her handicrafts and offered 2 as a door prize. Joyce won one and their guest Ruby won the other. They made plans to attend a District Meeting and a Flower show and then COVID hit. They had 5 of the 6 members meet in June practicing social distancing at an outside roast beef dinner to which their husbands came. They have 90 volunteer hours to their credit. They observed a minute of silence to remember charter member Loretta Morgan.

District 1 is having an event!!!!!

On Saturday, July 25 at 1 pm at Dunvegan. This was a hastily put together event brought on by the impending visit of President-elect who is on a road trip. I am looking forward to seeing as many WI members as possible with social distancing being the guideline.

Those ARGYLE WOMEN are at it again. Working in the garden on Saturday morning we were pleased to see such a nice show of Fleeban(?) and the roses.

Summer Fun

Ridgewood Branch went to the Kerry Wood Nature Center then had their lunch and meeting. Guests from another branch joined them at MacKenzie Trail for tea afterwards. From l to r

Pauline Bill, Marilyn Wattenbarger, Grace Reister(Guest from Argyle) Faye Mayberry, Diane Dammann(Guest from Argyle) Grace Schefflemair. Vi Moore, Dorothy Bickley and Evelyn Cressey were just leaving as we, the guests, arrived. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting and lovely company.

DUFFIELD BRANCH held a meeting June 18 with all 5 members and 2 guests in attendance. They discussed the resolutions that will be coming up at the Convention and the handicrafts they plan to enter. One members accepted the challenge to write about how the pandemic affected her.

ELLA JANE BRANCH had a meeting in June and July. They have a new member!!!!!! Up to 17 members now. They were busy cleaning out the Cessford hall. They will go back to meeting in members’ homes

Sorry to report the passing of charter member Alene Kading on June 4 at age 89.

They are contributing to the new hamlet sign for Cessford that will be posted for highway 876.

The local Library Manager is a member of the branch. She outlined the new procedures at the library due to the COVID virus.

Four Branches have sent reports

Valhalla Busy Bees will be 100 on June 27, 2020. Congratulations. Well done!

Valhalla Busy Bees suffered the loss of their President, Tracy Campbell to cancer. She was way too young and will be sorely missed. The branch did the memorial for Tracy. They recorded 50 volunteer hours.

Echo Hill had 6 of the 7 members in attendance plus 1 visitor at the June 3 meeting. The roll call was to name a local business. They have 90 volunteer hours.

Darwell had all 5 of the members in on the June 3 meeting although one member was on speaker phone. What ever works. The roll call was “a skill or talent you wish you had” Interesting responses were, American Sign Language, musical talent, time management, crochet and computer web page design.

The program was about MSG.

Congratulation to Edie Richardson upon receiving her 50 year membership pin

Argyle Branch went on the annual trip to a green house to buy the bedding plants for all of our gardens. They went to Echo Glen by Donalda about 45 minutes away. One member went looking for a high pot—she found it.

President-elect Diane Dammann called on Irvine WI members to join in for lunch at the local Irvine Hotel.

Home and Country Magazine – Summer Edition

Due to COVID-19 AWI has altered the publication schedule for the Home & Country and Report Book. The Report Book is published to be available around the Provincial Convention, as our Convention has been rescheduled for September, the Report Book will be published later in the year to coincide with this schedule change. Thus the Home & Country issue that normally comes out in the fall, has been shifted earlier. Click here to view the full Summer issue of Home & Country.