9 Branch Secretary Reports, Makes me happy!

Berwyn members were disappointed that their District picnic got rained out. All of the emails from the AWI office are sent out to all members. There will be 3 of them going to the ACWW Area Conference in Sydney, BC in June. They are booking the hotel now. They purchased name tages to go on the cemetery grave location sign. Berwyn Branch has a facebook page. Let’s check it out. They looked into the political parties positions on various moral issues.

Darwell had a roll call of a recipe and a taste and donations for the Thrift Shop and Tender Hearts. Marilee Kosik shared her research on British Home Children in recognition of British Home Children’s Day on September 28th. Her grandfather was a British Home Child. They are becoming pen pals with Cherhill WI in UK. and between meetings they do Ladies Who Lunch.

Duffield roll call was handicraft interests. Speaker Betty Sherry said there should be more support for single parents. They are working on a resolution about parking at hospitals.

Echo Hill is happy to have a sign on highway 44, 12 miles south of Westlock which tells how Echo Hill got its name. They brought items for the food bank for roll call. They will be hosting the Constituency Conference on April 4 and are planning it now.

Heather Brae in the Camrose Area met on Oct 1. They only meet 4 times a year which is the requirement to maintain a branch. They met at the Twist N More Bakery for lunch. The fellowship that WI offers to members is so very important to all of us.

Round Hill racked up 196 hours to report in the Sept report. They had a 95th birthday celebration, a trip to Strome museum, and a Threshing Bee Show and Shine to cater to.They made donations to the Open Door and Parkinson Walk. A member brought some drug over dose kits that the AB government is providing free of charge to members of the public in the hopes that drug overdose deaths can be eliminated.

They plan the local Armistice Day and are already planning the Christmas dinner. They made a point of having education convenors for their branch and Constituency and Provincial. The October meeting saw a preserve exchange for roll call. Senator Paula Simons was the guest speaker at a supper meeting with guests invited.

Stony Plain had Lauren Wetmore as speaker on Goodwill Industries Employment Connection Program. For roll call they told of a good deed they had done. They are planning the Cottage Crafters Show and doing fibre arts every Monday. They put in 162 volunteer hours. They have 33 members.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas exchanged baking or canning for the roll call. The program was comparing farming methods with horse and buggy to today’s equipment.

Argyle Branch has a table at the monthly Farmer’s Market where they have a lottery with Early Bird Draws monthly.

They are looking at resolutions for diabetics supplies to be covered, drivers of large motor homes and trailers have training and endorsement on licenses.

Barb Steadman, in center, is now in Viking Extended Care so Randy Wickstrom and I visited her.

Stony Plain and Westoe

Stony Plain sent in a report with a whopping 810 hours.that they had accumulated. The Sept. roll call was”What is your go to meal for unexpected company?” Charlie Gardiner a Provincial Judge was their speaker about Indiginous issues.They have group meeting weekly for Fiber Arts activities. They are planning for Cottage Crafters event.

Several members toured U of A Botanical Gardens in June and then went to a buffet dinner.

Westoe met in Laura Hayward’s home at Priddis with 11 members and guest Lona Linham who gave a report on the foster child in Bali. The volunteer hours April to Sept were 150.

A little problem

It is the job of President-elect to audit the inventory of pins and sales items at the AWI office as well as check the invoices for expenditures. I did that this week and had a tour of Fern’s new home which contains the AWI Provincial Office. The little problem we encountered is that there are no Branch Life Membership pins. This pin is awarded to a branch member who has made a great contribution to her branch. I wonder if there are any pins out there that a grandmother, or mother had that are just sitting in a drawer. We would be ever so grateful to find a pin or two to recycle.

District 5 Branches report

Ella Jane Branch at Cessford, AB (That is along highway 36 north of highway 1) put in 113.5 volunteer hours in May which included the District conference. The meeting seemed to be centered on gardening information. A good book was suggested- Transplanting Hope June meeting in the Cessford Hall had 9 of the 15 members in attendance. Each Spring they host Home and Plant Sale for local women women who sell bedding plants and home products. They have a tea with this. .

118 volunteer hours in July. One of the things they did was the Berry Creek Community School Bash They read about Yentl syndrome and Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask about “O Canada” Go to CBC Radio. Click on Shows. Scroll to Michael Enright, the Sunday Edition, Nov. 28 and click on the interview about O Canada.

Now that was 3 months reports all at once. I am glad they sent them in. Sounds like they are having fun and doing great things for their little community.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas in the Drumheller area sent in their September report with 27 volunteer hours. Their roll call was “finger foods” now was that recipes? ideas? or the actual food? They are selling nuts for a fund raiser Now that is finger food.

Let your voice be heard.

Vote in the up[coming elections. Participate in surveys. Join with like minded women in Alberta Women’s Institutes and help make changes!

Global survey on rural living conditions for women. This survey is put out by the UN and ACWW is promoting it. The UN knows that the voices of women and particularly rural women are not being heard so speak up ladies and take the survey. I am sure that you will realize, like I did, that we are so privileged to live in Canada.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9FVR2DM

Meetings over summer and September

Argyle had a garden party in August. Some members went to Edmonton to visit a former member. The FWIC Anniversary Rose was planted in the WI Centennial garden.

Cottonwood sent $200 to the AWI office and gave $2000 to the Cottonwood-Gordon Building fund in memory of Connie Ness and Blanche Cunningham. They had a weiner roast before their August meeting.

Darwell with only 5 members put in 139 volunteer hours. They had lunch out, updated the community brochure, participated in the Darwell and District Agricultural Fair and had a trip to the museum in Barrhead. They make a donation to Tender Hearts every month and this month also to the thrift store. These donations in kind totaled $90. They had a heartfelt program of quotes, poems and recipes all from cookbooks.

Duffield had a busy meeting. They learned some about charcoal cooking as well as how charcoal is made. Grizzly bear conservation was also discussed. They are working on a resolution about parking costs at hospitals and more control for handicap parking.

Echo Hill had 6 of their 7 members at the Sept. 4 meeting at the home of Elaine Sloan. They put in 111 volunteer hours, some of them hospital visiting. The roll call was “My garden successes this year” They got a sign put up on highway 44 with the location and history of Echo Hill. Layettes and Shoe boxes are on the agenda for the group.

Hogadone by Trochu had 5 of their 6 members gather at Wanda’s restaurant for their June meeting. Gloria Coates told of her experiences at the Saskatchewan Provincial Conference and the ACWW Conference in Australia. In July they plan to go to the Ellis Bird Farm at Lacombe and serve lunch at the Elnora market during the Bull Rama event.

Westoe at Priddis sent in a report covering May to June. They had 19 members at the meeting. There was a pot luck lunch in Kirkcaldy to replace the Bowvalley Constituency Conference and join the District 4 . They heard about the Canadian Food Guide and online information. There was also information on investment fraud. Westoe’s June BBQ was held on the 22nd with 12 members and spouses present and one guest. They did one catering event in Aug.

The July report from Round Hill with 18 members meets in members homes. They recorded 681 hours which included visits to shut ins. They are working on a resolution on mental health issues and the focus on medically assisted suicide for the mentally ill. Annie Banack, long time member had her 95th birthday on July 11. They were looking forward to their annual summer outing, the Ag Society Threshing Show and Shine on Sept. 1 where they serve pie and coffee( They had coverage in the Camrose Booster)Then they sponsor junior categories in the Annual Ag Society Bench Show.

Verdant Valley Dorcas Branch met in the community hall in August with 10 of their 12 members in attendance. They put in 51 volunteer hours . They donated to The Salvation Army Birthday Bags .

Memories of Convention

IMG_0033 flag entry
Grand entrance

And they are off!!! Each Convention starts with a parade of flags and dignitaries. O’Canada is sung and the Salute to the Flag is given before the proceeding begin.

Goofin’ off.

FWIC President Joan Holte is at the mike while Alberta President-elect,Diane Dammann looks on.

Visitor from Australia


Rebecca Johnson of NSW Women’s Institutes, on the right, is showing the bags made out of newspaper to Merle. While Isabel reads a program booklet and Merilee pours tea.

Mae Deans hosted a dinner at her home for the Australian visitor and 11 WI members. Rebecca had sent an email to the Provincial office saying that she was coming and would like to meet some WI members.

A tour,a weiner roast, a conference, a garden party.

Stony Plain had some members tour the U of A Botanical Gardens then have a buffet at the Stony Plain Golf Club.  They will be going to a Loonie Bingo in July at the Senior residence.

Verdant Valley- Dorcas invited their spouses to come to the meeting and a weiner roast. They had a speaker on Citizenship and the subject was the government increasing regulations for seasonal foreign workers.

Langdon were talking about members vacations and they brought an antique item.  They hosted the Bow Valley Conference at Kircaldy in April.  They also talked about having a summer get together.

Argyle had a work bee in the Centennial Garden and had a lovely garden party in the garden of the newest member.  Garden party was complete with long dresses and hats.