Resolutions will be discussed.


The following resolution was passed at the 2011 Provincial Convention. We are asking to have this resolution reaffirmed as it is still an important health issue for Albertans.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Women’s Institutes urge the Alberta Ministry of Health to provide diabetic medications, blood glucose testing equipment along with the necessary supplies, and administration equipment to all Albertans that have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, at no charge.


Moved by Cottonwood Women’s Institute

Seconded by Mary Riley Women’s Institute


Motion #1:

Moved that the following clause be added to the Constitution of the Alberta Women’s Institutes:

The organization shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or income, if any, must be used solely to promote its purposes.”

In the Executive’s efforts to attain Charitable Tax status for the Alberta Women’s Institutes a non-profit clause must be added to our Constitution. According to the AWI’s Constitution amendments may be made to it by a unanimous vote of all present at the Provincial Convention. If we are granted Charitable Tax status we will be able to give out tax receipts for donations made to AWI. Without this amendment our application for Charitable Status comes to a standstill.

Motion #2:

Moved that each District is to be responsible for their District Director’s expenses as a member of Alberta Women’s Institutes Council including, but not limited to, participation in Council meetings, conventions and/or annual general meetings, and other meetings involving her responsibilities as a District Director and Council member.

This motion is a result of the information Council received regarding restructuring Alberta Women’s Institutes. Please see the Spring 2017 Home & Country for more information.

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