At the Annual General Meeting.

Women from the north, Grimshaw, and women from the south, Coutts and women from all places in between gathered at the Norseman Inn in Camrose to meet and greet and take care of business.

The business was a notice of motion to change the structure of the Provincial Council. It was defeated.  The motion would have cut council down to three directors, president and president elect.  The directors would have been elected but not from districts.

I am sure that the reason we are staying with the present method of 5 districts and District Directors on Council is because the costs have been slashed and the system is working.

AWI Council meets every 6 weeks now by Skype.  Districts are responsible for their Directors expenses.

There were three resolutions passed.

  1. To urge the government  of Alberta and Canada to make playground and school speed zones active all day long, every day, all year long.
  2. to urge the government of Alberta to forbid supermarkets from wasting food that can be eaten and instead reduce the price or donate to a food bank.
  3. to urge the government of Alberta to ban scented cleaning products being used in public places.

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