11 Branches have reported on Jan and Feb Meetings.

Future plans for Valhalla Busy Bees include a District meeting April 13 where they will wear hats for fun.  They have a craft drop-in on Fridays with the library.  In March there will be a genealogy class.

Echo Hill Branch at Westlock collects money for birthdays.  10% of birthday money will go to the ACWW Pennies for Friendship fund.

Duffield Branch meets in restaurants for lunch and have their meeting.  They plan a visit to Pegg Gardens in June when the flowers will be in bloom.

Round Hill is a busy branch with 15 members.  They had a Ladies Night Out with games and lots of fun.  They have an International Supper in February where each member brings a dish from another country.  They will host the District meeting and the Ohaton Constituency Conference together March 23.  Handicraft is involved with the constituency.

Argyle Branch at Alliance had District 3 Director Yvonne Erickson attend their Valentine Tea to celebrate WI Month.  They did a craft project to crochet a fridge magnet butterfly.

Cottonwood Branch continued the study of famous Canadian Women.  This month was Chantal Peticlerc a Paralympian.  They are helping with the Uganda Project which is sewing personal item for the women and girls in Uganda.

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