District 5 Branches report

Ella Jane Branch at Cessford, AB (That is along highway 36 north of highway 1) put in 113.5 volunteer hours in May which included the District conference. The meeting seemed to be centered on gardening information. A good book was suggested- Transplanting Hope June meeting in the Cessford Hall had 9 of the 15 members in attendance. Each Spring they host Home and Plant Sale for local women women who sell bedding plants and home products. They have a tea with this. .

118 volunteer hours in July. One of the things they did was the Berry Creek Community School Bash They read about Yentl syndrome and Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask about “O Canada” Go to CBC Radio. Click on Shows. Scroll to Michael Enright, the Sunday Edition, Nov. 28 and click on the interview about O Canada.

Now that was 3 months reports all at once. I am glad they sent them in. Sounds like they are having fun and doing great things for their little community.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas in the Drumheller area sent in their September report with 27 volunteer hours. Their roll call was “finger foods” now was that recipes? ideas? or the actual food? They are selling nuts for a fund raiser Now that is finger food.

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