9 Branch Secretary Reports, Makes me happy!

Berwyn members were disappointed that their District picnic got rained out. All of the emails from the AWI office are sent out to all members. There will be 3 of them going to the ACWW Area Conference in Sydney, BC in June. They are booking the hotel now. They purchased name tages to go on the cemetery grave location sign. Berwyn Branch has a facebook page. Let’s check it out. They looked into the political parties positions on various moral issues.

Darwell had a roll call of a recipe and a taste and donations for the Thrift Shop and Tender Hearts. Marilee Kosik shared her research on British Home Children in recognition of British Home Children’s Day on September 28th. Her grandfather was a British Home Child. They are becoming pen pals with Cherhill WI in UK. and between meetings they do Ladies Who Lunch.

Duffield roll call was handicraft interests. Speaker Betty Sherry said there should be more support for single parents. They are working on a resolution about parking at hospitals.

Echo Hill is happy to have a sign on highway 44, 12 miles south of Westlock which tells how Echo Hill got its name. They brought items for the food bank for roll call. They will be hosting the Constituency Conference on April 4 and are planning it now.

Heather Brae in the Camrose Area met on Oct 1. They only meet 4 times a year which is the requirement to maintain a branch. They met at the Twist N More Bakery for lunch. The fellowship that WI offers to members is so very important to all of us.

Round Hill racked up 196 hours to report in the Sept report. They had a 95th birthday celebration, a trip to Strome museum, and a Threshing Bee Show and Shine to cater to.They made donations to the Open Door and Parkinson Walk. A member brought some drug over dose kits that the AB government is providing free of charge to members of the public in the hopes that drug overdose deaths can be eliminated.

They plan the local Armistice Day and are already planning the Christmas dinner. They made a point of having education convenors for their branch and Constituency and Provincial. The October meeting saw a preserve exchange for roll call. Senator Paula Simons was the guest speaker at a supper meeting with guests invited.

Stony Plain had Lauren Wetmore as speaker on Goodwill Industries Employment Connection Program. For roll call they told of a good deed they had done. They are planning the Cottage Crafters Show and doing fibre arts every Monday. They put in 162 volunteer hours. They have 33 members.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas exchanged baking or canning for the roll call. The program was comparing farming methods with horse and buggy to today’s equipment.

Argyle Branch has a table at the monthly Farmer’s Market where they have a lottery with Early Bird Draws monthly.

They are looking at resolutions for diabetics supplies to be covered, drivers of large motor homes and trailers have training and endorsement on licenses.

Barb Steadman, in center, is now in Viking Extended Care so Randy Wickstrom and I visited her.



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