I have heard from some branches.

Berwyn  Branch talked about resolutions and had a healthy receipt exchange for roll call.  They plan a tour of a special Brain Therapy Center in the new year.  They went to Alberta Native Plants Council and learned that they have green houses.  They also learned that Japan has discrimination of women versus men in the work place. They are going to take a 65th Anniversary cake to visit former member, Lina Williamen on Nov. 30.  They sent an article to Home and Country about the first national president to visit. P.R.  There will be 3 members going to the Area Canada ACWW meeting in Sidney, BC .

Creighton remembered deceased members Norma Willes and Dimp Johnston.  They are doing the shoe box donation and selling Purdy’s chocolates.  The report contained a summary of donations and volunteer hoursThey had 207 volunteer hours and reported the gifts in kind of clothing and household $150. transportation $328.05 and to Conferences $290.  We should all report the donations we make.

Darwell donated gifts in kind valued at $47 as well as a $50 cash donation to Tender Hearts.  They talked about resolutions when they met at the Tri-Lakes Manor.

Ella Jane is shifting their function base from Cessford to Pollockville hall.  They discussed Violet Barss  of Delia WI who in 1919 became the first woman to head a municipality in Canada.  After the November meeting they sent an article about the unfairness of taxing single pensioners.

Married spouses can do pension income-splitting.  When a spouse dies the OAS and CPP for that partner is lost but all of the income is now on the single survivor and the tax bracket goes up and the income goes down.   Maybe there is a resolution in there????

Echo Hill is hosting the Conference in April and have started the planning. They had Kingsley Woff as a speaker about a Rotary Interart trip to Belize and Mexico. They sent Shoe Box items and toiletries to the Hope Center in Westlock.  They have 7 members who were all at the November meeting as well as 2 guests.

Half-Way Grove sent in 4 branch secretary reports and a Constituency report.

Anne Teeuwsen was the overall winner at the AWI Convention for Creative Writing.  Five members plus five of Anne’s children and Fern Killeen gathered at her home to present the awards.  A reporter from the newspaper also attended and a nice article was in the paper.  The branch donated some cash for the quilt project that Ridgewood is doing for the Hospice Center.

They are doing a resolution about the brightly lite bill boards along the highway.

The Stettler Constituency meeting was held at the home of Mary Leighton, a member of Half-Way Grove on Sept 17.

Round Hill has 18 members enrolled.  They participated in the Halloween Farmer’s Market.  They are looking for information on an old sweater recycle project to make mittens for the needy.  Plans are underway for the Ladies Night Out in February and the annual Christmas party.

The February Ladies Night Out is a lot of fun.

Stony Plain has 34 members.  They put in 450 volunteer hours mostly doing the Cottage Crafters Sale and knitting hats for donation. They are planning a Christmas dinner and looking for program ideas for next year.  There is a group that meets every Monday evening for knitting, crochet and other fibre arts

Verdant Valley-Dorcas had only five of the 12 members in attendance at the November meeting.  The roll call was a stocking stuffer for a teen for the Salvation Army.   They sent $50 to AWI and volunteered 27 hours.

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