Round Hill Women’s Institute celebrated 100 years.

Round Hill Women’s Institute hosted an afternoon which reflected their years of Service. Camrose County Reeve, Don Gregorwich passed on Congratulations on behalf of himself and Mayor, Norm Mayor. Community Greetings from Round Hill Ag Society, Elks, and Seniors all sent their Congratulations. President Ruth Twerdun reflected on the groups history. Homestead Mothers taught each other life skills, canning, cooking, home herbal medicine, crafts, gardening, farming. They raised money to help build the hall, bought piano for the hall, grave sites, and on and on it goes. They were very strong determined women, the W I was precious to them. Once a month was ladies night, and many said it was their salvation. We realize we need to modernize and get with the times so the W I can continue and celebrate a two hundredth Anniversary. We invite our young Moms to come meet us and HELP us do this. September 4th @ 7:30 pm is an OPEN meeting in Round Hill Hall. Contact – Ruth Twerdun @ 780-608-1663 or We WELCOME you with open arms!

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