AWI 111 Half-Way Grove Donates $111

Half-Way Grove made a donation to the Office for $111 to recognize the 111th year of AW|I. They sent a game called Snowman Drive.
There were 3 branch secretary reports that have come in for Nov and Dec. The total of volunteer hours was 198.

January reports from Berwyn They donated $100 for a grocery card for a family in need. They met with Grimshaw for a members 65 anniversary of WI. They are donating $50 to the library. They discussed the effect of forest fires on water quality, marijuana edibles as a concern for children, Bill 207, and the Trump impeachment. In February the branch will go to P.R.(Peace River) for a tour of the Scholars Special Treatment Center.

Ella Jane had a speaker who spoke about breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and a roll call about what your like best about winter.

Hogadone had a new member. Welcome.

Round Hill sent in a lot of their history.

Stony Plain are still having the Fibre Arts group meeting on Monday evenings and they are planning a Founders Day Tea for Feb. 23.

Verdant Valley and Dorcas also have a new member. They sold nuts for a fundraiser. They made baked goodies for the seniors . At the Dec. potluck they had a slide show of a camping trip across Canada from Alberta to PEI.

Westoe is planning a brunch at Stage West possibly in February. They do catering.

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