Reports from Some Branches

ARGYLE had a presentation about The Imagination Library, a program to provide children from birth to 5 years with a book a month coming through the mail. They talked about having a bird house building course with a local craftsman. A lot of planning went into the District Conference that was scheduled for March 28 but has now been cancelled. They were sponsoring Chair Yoga which was going well until the Covid 19 reared its’ ugly head and shut the whole country down. 


DUFFIELD held their meeting at Smittys in Spruce Grove.  The roll call was a craft from another country. They are looking to support another worthy group as Tender Hearts has plenty of support. Their program was about the importance of having vaccinations.

ECHO HILL had all 7 members out for a meeting in a members’ home.  The roll call was precious items in your home. They planned the Constituency Conference to be held in a members home but alack and alas it had to be cancelled.


ROUND HILL had 12 of their 18 members in attendance for the meeting in a members’  home They also had 3 visitors one of whom became a new member!!!! They put in  655 volunteer hours with the Ladies Night Out counting for many of them.  Their roll call was a lucky experience or time in your life.  They did some origami.  They will visit the office of “Bags of Love” in Ryley.

VALHALLA BUSY BEES have 9 members.  They have a 100th anniversary coming up June 27 with a luncheon and program.    They put in a nomination for the Award of Excellence.  They also made a donation to the AWI Office Fund in memory of Hugh Lawrence.

VERDANT VALLEY AND DORCAS had a roll call by donations of baby items for Growing Opportunities.  Their speaker was Diane Rowe speaking on the mental health services that are available in the area.  They also talked of the District 5 Conference and the Provincial Conference.



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