Only 4 Branches Reporting Out of 27

There are a variety of ways to send a secretary report.

1. use the secretary report book and mail or scan and email it to me.

2. set up a form on your computer to make a report containing the date of meeting, attendance, roll call, volunteer hours amount of donations and a new members’ contact information and email it to me.

3. Just send a letter/note with the above information.

Now what has been going on at Stony Plain. They had 18 members at their meeting in March. They have 2 new members. They had a Founders Day Tea in February and raised $260 for the Adelaide Hoodless Homestead. They donated $500 to AWI and $1500 to 5 local organizations. They had a Rotary Exchange student from Austria tell of her life and education in Austria. They have a Fibre Arts group meeting on Monday evenings.

Darwell WI had a meeting in March and has suspended meetings until later. They volunteered 102 hours that is for 4 members. They made a donation to Tender Hearts and the Thrift Store for $25. They have a draw prize each meeting and between meetings they do “Ladies Who Lunch” which involves the neighbouring branch of Duffield. I think they have too much fun!!!

Verdant Valley and Dorcas down by Drumheller, had an August meeting in the evening. They had planned an outdoor wiener roast for July but got rained out. They have 10 members who put in 23 volunteer hours. They donated $150 to AWI and another $350 to other projects. They make their money selling a Daytimer Calendar and nuts.

Hogadone Branch is located by Trochu. In March they met at the Blue Quill Restaurant in Trochu. Sharon Doran showed some of her handicrafts and offered 2 as a door prize. Joyce won one and their guest Ruby won the other. They made plans to attend a District Meeting and a Flower show and then COVID hit. They had 5 of the 6 members meet in June practicing social distancing at an outside roast beef dinner to which their husbands came. They have 90 volunteer hours to their credit. They observed a minute of silence to remember charter member Loretta Morgan.

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