We are a learning organization.

We keep our minds active. We are creative. We continue learning and sharing.

The Tweedsmuir Competitions have not had any entries yet but there is still some time. Submissions have to be in to the FWIC office by Janurary 15, 2021. There is a cultural competition for a story of any FWIC event. The Handicraft competition is a needlecraft sampler 8″x 10″. A photo of the winning sampler will be used as a cover of a booklet. The History competition is a collage of pictures of FWIC events from the past 100 years. There is one more catagorie and it is new, the Community Competition which will be What’s Next for WI Canada and it can be poem, drawings or art work. Check out the rules and consider entering.

Here in Alberta there is a call for stories of how COVID has affected you. These stories can be submitted to the Lindas. Linda Toews, our president-elect and creative writing convenor or Linda Mason, or representative to FWIC where they are also collecting stories.

Our physical contact may be limited but we can still phone and chat so don’t forget to call friends and invite them to join WI.

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