April News and Notes


Your Provincial Council had a meeting March 29 via Google Meets.

We approved the changes to the Handicraft List. This will be posted on our Website by the end of April.  We had a discussion on burials in rural graveyards, the appeal of these plots for our urban neighbours and issues facing local residents not as active with rural cemeteries and churches.  Watch for more on this.  Our next council meeting is May 31 

The first donation from the collection of recycled bottles was received.  Thank you to Grace Scheffelmair, Ridgewood WI for the $30 donation.

A request to the Provincial Government to name Feb 15 to 21 as WI week was denied.  I will apply again for next year and do it earlier and to another department.  We should at least get a day designated as WI day.

Bernadette has been working hard on follow-up to the Small Medium Enterprise Relaunch grant that Cathleen had applied for and it looks like we may be getting some money. It may be a bit of a matter of pride that Alberta Women’s Institutes was created by an act of the legislature but it is a bit of a stumbling block when it comes to grants and fundraising. Thank you to the tenacity and detective skills of the grant reviewer whose desk our application landed on. 

The day for ACWW is April 29, that is the target day for Women Walk the World but if your branch can’t do it that day, any day will work.  It is a fundraiser for the Pennies for Friendship fund and just as important to raise awareness of our organization.

We have a new brochure coming soon.  If you would like some sent to your branch mailbox, please notify the Provincial Office of how many you would like. 

The next Home and Country is in the works. You are most welcome to send in pictures and stories to the editor or the Provincial office for submission.  The next issue goes out May 31.  Deadline for submissions is May 1st but the sooner you get your information in the better it is. 

 Happy Mother’s Day

Diane Dammann
AWI President

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