Last Day for Early Bird Registration!

Convention Reminders and Updates

Greetings all, Today is September 15th and it’s the last day to register for Early Bird savings for the all virtual Provincial Convention.  
The cost for virtual registration has been reduced to $50 (Early Bird) per site and after September 15th the price is $60 per site.  You can pay by cheque or etransfer.  Full details are on the Provincial Website and the form.  Please ensure the email address you want to use to connect with on September 28 is clearly written on your registration form. I will be sending out the Convention link in the week of September 20th.  

Other updates:  Handicraft Competition is still happening!  Yippee.  Council met last night and the judges have been lined up and a display space has been reserved in Red Deer.  Judging and public viewing will take place at The Clubhouse, #14 Jenkins Drive, Red Deer on Monday September 27 from 1-3 pm.  Public Welcome, donations also welcome.  If you have already sent in your application for submission,  You can send your handicraft items directly to Marilyn Wattenbarger, Handicraft Coordinator.  Marilyn will be contacting those who have submitted directly with details of where to send your items.  Please make sure that your items are delivered by Sunday, September 26th.  Just as they have been in years past.  

We will be taking a video of the handicrafts on display for social media and the website.  Thank you Marilyn for all your efforts to adjust to the virtual convention and still have a handicraft competition!  We have over 200 items to be displayed and judged!  What a wonderful job.  

Value Village Donations: We are still collecting for Value Village donations.  However, each District Director will be organizing a central location in their district to collect donations.  Value Village has also suggested if you have items gathered together, bagged and boxed, take a photo of your collection and send it in, they can estimate donations from that.  We need to know the total number of bags and or boxes of items you have.  For more information about where the central location is in your district please contact your District Director.  We would like to have items collected before Thanksgiving in the Districts, then these District Collections will be sent to Linda Mason, who will get them down to Calgary to Value Village.  Whew!  And you all with have reclaimed some storage real estate in your homes, garages and out buildings.   

Closet Fashion Show:  Submit by September 23. This is still a go, however with a twist!  Please take a photo of you wearing (if it still fits) of the item or hanging on a hanger, send this photo into the Provincial Office with your branch and District information included.  We will be creating a slide show of the items organized by district.  If you are an associate member, please indicate this and the district you live in with your items.  Deadline to submit for these is Thursday, September 23rd.  

Silent Auction Items – now only Online – Submit by Friday, September 17th We are still doing a silent auction but it is now ONLY online.  All information for the silent auction need to be submitted by this Friday to be included in the silent auction.  Send photo, branch and location, item name and description and value of item to the Provincial Office. 

Raffles: Sell, Sell, Sell!  If you have already sold your cash raffle tickets, great!  Please make certain these are all returned to the office in time for the drawing.  These should be mailed back to the office no later than Monday, September 20th to get here in time for the drawing.  Cash Raffle Tickets are still available from the Provincial Office.  These can be purchased electronically as  well.  $5/ticket or $50/book.  
50/50 Raffle Tickets are $1 per ticket.  
I have included these on the Registration form for your convenience.  Download the updated convention registration form on the Provincial Convention Page.

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