Need Help with Technology?

While reading the Costco Connections I came across an article about Tech Support for Seniors. Given the recent conversation about technology, and having to switch our in-person Provincial Convention to an all virtual one, this topic seemed to ring bells like a klaxon.

The article included a couple of great online service providers to help you become a bit more tech savvy. These are based in Ontario but they have helped beyond those borders. TechServeTo ( is a free online serve that uses a volunteer group of about 175 tech-savvy millennials to provide support to seniors.

Another website the article mentions is a Toronto-based Cyber Seniors ( which trains younger volunteers to be mentors for seniors. You can read the full Costco Connections article Tech Support for Seniors here. But while I was looking for some more information I came across a non-profit called Connected Canadians whose mission is to connect older adults with technology support and training. To find out more visit their website.

Additionally, most communities have an adult learning association that offers free or affordable courses in a variety of topics as well as providing one-on-one consults and support. You may want to check out your local Community Adult Learning Association (CALP) for technology training and support. Here in Flagstaff County, our Community Adult Learning Association is located in Killam. Visit the CALP online portal to find the nearest location to you.

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