Zoom Basics II

On Tuesday, November 16, the first of our online learning sessions, Zoom Basics was held. Due to requests from the group we are holding a Zoom Basics II in early December. This session has been scheduled for Thursday, December 2 at 7:00pm.

The registration is now open and the tickets are FREE! But we need you to register. As the instructor I too am learning, as I have never integrated Zoom and Eventbrite before, but I have for these sessions. This is my second trial, and I have made a couple tweaks from the first time around, so hopefully it will be an improvement.

So click the picture or caption below to register for Zoom Basics II.

In the first session we went over features and controls when you are a participant in a meeting. In Zoom Basics II we will go over scheduling a meeting, and role of host. These sessions are only 40 minutes, with about 25 minutes of instruction and then some interaction with Q&A.

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