Editor Wanted for Home & Country

Email Application to the Provincial Office

Alberta Women’s Institutes is accepting applications for Editor of the Home & Country Magazine and Annual Report Book.

This position is appointed for 3-year term and may be appointed for an additional term at the discretion of Council.

The Editor sits on the Editorial board, along with the Provincial President and the Provincial President Elect. The Editorial Board has jurisdiction over any articles that may require decisions before printing.

  • The Home & Country Editor is responsible for the following:
    • The decision of which submitted articles will be printed in any given issue
    • The decision of which submitted photographs will be included
    • Editing the length of any article she feels is necessary
    • The layout of the magazine.
  • Prepares the Annual Report Book for printing in April or two months prior to the annual Provincial Convention each year.  It will be distributed at the Provincial Convention.
  • Submits a written report for inclusion in the Annual Report Book.
  • Attends the annual Provincial Convention, if possible.
  • The Editor may attend a Council meeting at her own request, or that of the Provincial President, should there be any issues to resolve.
  • Any expenses incurred for the publishing of the magazine will be reimbursed upon submission of receipts.

The Home & Country Magazine

  • Three issues of the Home & Country magazine will be prepared for printing, as will one issue of the Annual Report Book.  
  • The set publishing deadlines for the magazine of February, July, and October will be adhered to, unless otherwise instructed by the Provincial President or Editor.
  • The Home & Country magazine will not exceed 12 pages.
  • The following will be included in each issue of the magazine:
    • Alberta Women’s Institutes’ Mission Statement
    • Provincial Office information: address, phone number, email, etc.
    • The names and addresses of the Provincial Council members, the Handicraft Coordinator, FWIC Executive Officer, Home & Country Editor, Archivist, ACWW Canada Area President, ACWW President, and FWIC President
    • Dates and Deadlines
    • Any advertisements as supplied by the Sponsorship Committee
    • Motions from the previous Council meeting
  • The following will also be included:
    • In the February issue:  
      • Resolutions and motions for the upcoming Provincial Convention, if possible
      • Names and Branches of all the new members for the previous calendar year
  • In the July issue:
    • Results of the voting on resolutions and motions from the past Provincial Convention
    • Handicraft and Creative Writing Award winners
  • In the October issue:  
    • Memorial donations 
    • Office Fund donations
    • Book of Remembrance entries


Please email your resume to the Provincial Office with the subject line: Home & Country Editor

Or if sending a hard copy mail to the Provincial Office

Alberta Women’s Institutes
Box 283, Killam AB T0B 2L0

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