Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Joint Statement

July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Tyler Shandro, Minister of Children’s Services Matt Jones, Minister of Labour and Immigration Kaycee Madu, Minister of Community and Social Services Jason Luan and Associate Minister of Status of Women Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk issued the following statements on World Day against Trafficking in Persons:

“Albertans add their voices to the international chorus calling for an end to human trafficking on World Day against Trafficking in Persons. Alberta’s government has strengthened these voices through our work to protect the vulnerable and stop this modern-day form of slavery. We proudly accepted the Human Trafficking Task Force’s five recommendations that will help fight human trafficking, and we are creating an Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons and improve front-line training. Through our collective efforts, Albertans will win this fight.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General
“Our government is committed to preventing trafficking in persons and to supporting people who may be affected in the workplace. In my ministry, help and advice are available through the Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office, with referrals to law enforcement and social support agencies, and alternate work permits under the federal Vulnerable Worker Open Work Permit program. All too often, trafficking in persons can be an invisible crime. But it must not stay hidden, and we must do all we can to keep people safe.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Labour and Immigration
“Human trafficking exploits people at their most vulnerable moments and violates their fundamental human rights. Although anyone can be a target for human trafficking, most people trafficked in Canada are women and girls. The stories of survivors are heartbreaking, and I’m proud that Alberta’s government is joining forces with community leaders and non-profit partners to end the cycle of trauma. On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, we must stand together against trafficking in all forms and empower survivors to rebuild their lives, on their own terms.”

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, Associate Minister of Status of Women
“Human trafficking destroys lives and families and deprives its victims of their freedom and dignity. The majority of the victims of human trafficking and other types of exploitation are women, children and youth, and we all must remain committed to taking preventative action, addressing root causes and providing supports to survivors to help them reclaim their lives and futures.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Children’s Services
“On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, it’s important to acknowledge the impact trafficking has on our communities. Anyone can be a target for human trafficking; however, vulnerable populations are often most at risk. Alberta’s government is taking action through its Human Trafficking Task Force to protect at-risk individuals from being exploited and trafficked in our province. We will continue to work with our community partners to enhance access to services for victims, survivors and those at risk of being trafficked. Through this work, we are empowering at-risk individuals, preventing exploitation and providing counselling, support and advocacy to survivors.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Community and Social Services

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Media inquiries
Joseph Dow
Press Secretary, Justice and Solicitor General
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Press Secretary, Labour and Immigration
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Press Secretary, Children’s Services
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Press Secretary, Community and Social Services
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Press Secretary, Status of Women

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