Girl Power at Devon Dyno – May 13th

Ladies, you’re invited to a unique event. Do you have a grocery getter? A need for speed? Run your ride as fast as you can on Devon Dyno with no fear of a ticket and no danger to your ride!
You’re invited to join Devon Dynos at their event on Saturday, May 13th from 10 am – 6 pm at 26214 Township Road 512.

Are you a diesel fan? Do you want a free diesel tune by Mitch at CCS? Then save the date of May 13th for a chance to win this tune. Get your entry in by running your ride on their dyno or by purchasing at $10 raffle ticket. All proceeds will be donated to Alberta Women Charities. This event supports women owned businesses for many of their suppliers.

Location: 26214 TOWNSHIP ROAD 512 DEVON

Time: 10AM – 6PM

For MORE INFO  780-505-0661  JOHN@DEVONDYNO.COM Also visit the Devon Dynos Website to learn more about their organization.


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