Branch reports are coming in.

Round Hill presented awards at the Bench Show.

Hogadone members worked at the Trochu Flower and Bench Show.

Berwyn really wants to get some new members.  They are going to do an information blitz.  They had a recipe exchange at the meeting with appetizers being the recipes of choice.

Verdant Valley had a roll call with everyone bringing a sample of finger food.  They have a ‘birthday bag”  for children who come through the local Salvation Army.  The bag contains a cake mix and decorations and a gift card to Wal-Mart for Mom to get a gift.

Cottonwood is finding out about a famous Canadian woman each month.  This month was Jean Drever Pinkham.  They also visited the Equine Center east of Olds.

Darwell studied an article on water footprints from the Canadian Geographic.  They also had a summer outing to the Reynolds Museum and they have a monthly lunch date.

Echo Hill had Elaine Solan talk about lily problems.

Ella Jane had a roll call “what is your opinion of facebook?” They have been busy catering.  99 volunteer hours.

Stony Plain sent in several reports at once.  At one meeting they had a lawyer, Ann Montgomery speak about Wills and Estates.

Little Red Deer Dorcas branch participated in the roadside clean up.

Argyle maintained their centennial  garden and sponsored the children’s games for the July 1 celebrations.

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