Branch Reports to Oct 28 18

Half-way Grove went to Ellis Bird Farm.  They presented member Anne Teuwsen with the Creative Writing Award she won at Provincial Convention.

They will be hosting the Stettler Constituency Conference on October 30.

Cottonwood Branch had 3 speakers who talked about helping the girls in Uganda with menstrual cleanliness.  The famous Canadian Woman that they found out about this month was Debbie Muir, Olympic swimmer.

Duffield had tea at Stony Tea House and toured the museum.  They had a speaker telling about the effects of digital devices and phones being hard on the eyes. The October meeting had Betty Milne give a history of Nordegg which they shared with me.  Very interesting.

Stony Plain Branch heard about newest plans for senior lodges and independent living.  They have all tables booked for Crafters Cottage in November.

Heather Brae had District 3 Director, Yvonne Erickson as a guest.  Yvonne brought them up to date on Council news.

Little Red Deer Dorcas voted to leave us.  I do hope that we can coax them back.

Round Hill exchanged preserves for a roll call.  International Affairs was their topic and they discussed the new USMCA and it’s effect on Canadians.  They are planning the Christmas get together, the 2019 activity book and Ladies Night in February.\

Ella Jane catered an anniversary supper and are planning a CARA luncheon.  The roll call was “what is your favourite part of Halloween?”

Echo Hill learned about the Primary Care Network and Senior Resources.  They have been busy with layettes and shoe boxes, and historical signs.

Argyle had 3 guests.  The program was a report on my trip to Kenya and Ghana.

Landon member, Eugenia Brander passed away Oct 4, 2018. It is always sad to loose a friend and member.


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