Four Branches have sent reports

Valhalla Busy Bees will be 100 on June 27, 2020. Congratulations. Well done!

Valhalla Busy Bees suffered the loss of their President, Tracy Campbell to cancer. She was way too young and will be sorely missed. The branch did the memorial for Tracy. They recorded 50 volunteer hours.

Echo Hill had 6 of the 7 members in attendance plus 1 visitor at the June 3 meeting. The roll call was to name a local business. They have 90 volunteer hours.

Darwell had all 5 of the members in on the June 3 meeting although one member was on speaker phone. What ever works. The roll call was “a skill or talent you wish you had” Interesting responses were, American Sign Language, musical talent, time management, crochet and computer web page design.

The program was about MSG.

Congratulation to Edie Richardson upon receiving her 50 year membership pin

Argyle Branch went on the annual trip to a green house to buy the bedding plants for all of our gardens. They went to Echo Glen by Donalda about 45 minutes away. One member went looking for a high pot—she found it.

President-elect Diane Dammann called on Irvine WI members to join in for lunch at the local Irvine Hotel.

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