Summer Fun

Ridgewood Branch went to the Kerry Wood Nature Center then had their lunch and meeting. Guests from another branch joined them at MacKenzie Trail for tea afterwards. From l to r

Pauline Bill, Marilyn Wattenbarger, Grace Reister(Guest from Argyle) Faye Mayberry, Diane Dammann(Guest from Argyle) Grace Schefflemair. Vi Moore, Dorothy Bickley and Evelyn Cressey were just leaving as we, the guests, arrived. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting and lovely company.

DUFFIELD BRANCH held a meeting June 18 with all 5 members and 2 guests in attendance. They discussed the resolutions that will be coming up at the Convention and the handicrafts they plan to enter. One members accepted the challenge to write about how the pandemic affected her.

ELLA JANE BRANCH had a meeting in June and July. They have a new member!!!!!! Up to 17 members now. They were busy cleaning out the Cessford hall. They will go back to meeting in members’ homes

Sorry to report the passing of charter member Alene Kading on June 4 at age 89.

They are contributing to the new hamlet sign for Cessford that will be posted for highway 876.

The local Library Manager is a member of the branch. She outlined the new procedures at the library due to the COVID virus.

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