News and Notes ~ February 2021

Elfrieda Westover have a very happy 100th birthday on February 28th

Some COVID restrictions may end soon and we can start getting together.

On March 10, District 3 will have an online conference.  The larger conferences need you to register ahead so that you can receive the email invite and have a smooth transition to the meeting. Send your registration to  

ACWW “Tea with the President” was a lovely event that can be viewed online.  The easiest way is to go to  and click on “Tea with the President.”  It is a lovely visit with Magdie DeCock of South Africa.

Extended dates for Tweedsmuir competition entries should enable more of you to get an entry in.  These new date is March 31, 2021.

FEBRUARY 19 Is WI DAY.          

FWIC expects us to contribute to the program.  I will do a greeting from Alberta.  There is a New Horizon Grant program that they received and as a result we are to lead an online session about seniors learning new skills.  Linda Toews may do a paint instruction video.  She has the talent. This would have to be completed by March 31. 

There have been a couple of online courses that have proved fun and successful.  If you can think of any that you would like to participate in or lead let us know.

FEBRUARY 14-20 is WI week.

            The province has been asked to declare it.  I hope I was in time.  Next year I will do it earlier.

How about a show and tell for handicraft Feb. 17?   That would be something for WI week

Idea from the fundraising committee: Together we can help with the financial strain that COVID Pandemic has put on our organization.  If all our WI Members, Family and Friends would consider saving the money that they receive for their recycled cans, bottles, milk jugs, etc. and donate it to Alberta Women’s Institute it would go a long way in helping to save our wonderful Organization.


            The AWI Convention has been set for September again this year. We hope that, by that time, we will be able to have an in-person meeting. Watch the Home & Country, and your email for further announcements.


Write a story for our own Creative Writing competition.  You will now have until the end of June.

The deadline for resolutions will also be June 30. Start working on your resolutions now.


Here is a request from our Agriculture Convener Chair, Colleen Bianchi:

Alberta Conservation Association is asking for the views of Rural Landowners by doing a survey of allowing hunters on their property. The association realizes that hunters and landowners play a vital role in conservation. With the decline of agriculture producers over the past 20 years there has become a struggle for hunters being able to locate hunting areas, and gain landowner trust.  The Conservation Association is conducting a ONLINE SURVEY to help to assess the current situation and find practical measures that will benefit both the landowners and the hunters. Questions asked are about the owner’s property, the number of hunting requests and factors that owners consider when they receive hunter asking for the right to hunt.  This survey is from Jan to Feb 15 2021and can be found at

An update from our Handicraft Coordinator – Marilyn Wattenbarger

I am hoping that you have all been keeping healthy and safe.  With all of us confined mainly to our homes, my wish is that all of us have taken the time to look at old and new crafts.  Also, to dig in our to-do pile and complete some of our projects we started. 

I have been working on some revisions to the Handicraft List.  I need to have it completed by February 15 so if anyone has a class or changes to a class that they would like to see, Please call me.  403-340-3106.  As soon as these changes have been given the green light by council, you will see a revised list.  Look for it.  Wishing everyone happy handicrafting!

Until next time,

Diane Dammann

AWI President

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