News and Notes ~ January, 2021

We had a council meeting Jan. 11 virtually.  These are really working quite well and no cost involved. 

The account books have been audited by volunteer auditors appointed by the council.  Thank you to Linda Mason, Tina Radcliffe and Linda Toews for a job well done. 

It was decided to once again have a cash raffle with the draw date Sept 28.2021.  The tickets will be $5 each.

The next convention hopefully will be held in Camrose at the Norseman Inn on Sept 26 to 29th with the banquet on the 28th

There is a need for all WI members to be represented on Council.  District 2 you do not have a Director.  What are you going to do about it? 

It is that time of year to pay WI dues and don’t forget to send your District dues to your District Director. 

I have received a picture of Fred Lawrence, the winner of the Erland Lee award.  Check out the web site and Home and Country for it.

Also a picture of Elfrieda Westover who will be celebrating 100 trips around the sun on Feb 28th

I attended the FWIC online meeting with speaker Senator Julie Millven-Dechane who is presenting a senators bill to hold large companies accountable for checking that their products have not been manufactured or produced with slave or child labour. We will be hearing more about this later.

Since we have all been sitting at home crafting, creating, writing there will be a chance for each branch to enter 2 items in each class at the next convention. 

How about a “show and tell” on the internet of some of your projects?  I think it would be interesting and may generate more interest in WI.  Send me or Bernadette pictures and a little information.

The humor

 You know you are over 50 when you have hats in the closet but never wear them anymore. You can’t throw them out because you never know when they will come back into style.

 Have a great week.

 Diane Dammann President AWI

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