International Day of Awareness of Food Loss & Waste – September 29th

Stop Food Waste & Loss for the People, For the Planet

Studies show that in Canada, 12% of avoidable food waste and loss occurs at the retail phase of the supply chain. Another 13% occurs at the hotel, restaurant and institution phase of the supply chain. In 2017, Food Loss & Waste had significant financial implications for Canadians – food loss and waste cost us $17 Billion. This has implications to farm profitability and post-farm gate profitability.

Local Resources for stopping food waste is the Loop Resource: Grocery stores give damaged/outdated food to farmers and charities. (Thank you Mary Leighton for sharing this resource).

What’s Alberta Agriculture doing? The latest “Trend in Retail” looks at food loss and waste, and what is being done along the food supply value chain. It’s a concern for both producers and consumers alike. To see what’s Alberta doing visit this link.

FlashFood App – provides consumers with updates on foods at grocery stores that are nearing the best before date. This is an app that works both in Canada and the United States. Although it may not be available in more remote areas of the country. You do get what there is, so creative cooking may come into play.

To Learn More visit about International Day of Awareness of Food Loss & Waste visit:


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